Our church offers a variety of sports and fitness activities.

We offer Upward Basketball, Cheerleading and Soccer for children and youth. Upward emphasizes all round development of the player mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

The goals of Upward are to:

  • Promote character and self-esteem in every child;
  • Help players learn to make wise decisions;
  • Improve physical abilities;
  • Recognize and embrace life’s purpose;
  • Foster healthy relationships;
  • Allow each child to connect with God and others.

We are looking for volunteers with a passion for God and a love for children who are willing to invest 2 hours a week. Sign up to coach a soccer team, basketball team, cheerleading squad or referee.

During the summer, we offer one week, half day basketball and cheer camps. These camps enable participants to enhance their skills and continue the emphasis on developing the total person.

Questions? We can help you! Contact us at 904-268-5549, or if you prefer