Endowment Committee Vision:

To educate and encourage MUMC members and friends to prepare plans for
legacy gifts to their families and to their church. Contact Dale Farmer at DFarmer@exclusiveadvisors.com

Our Mission:

To educate and encourage adults of all ages to have a will and an estate plan.

To provide general information on the endowment fund and identify sources of specialized information required for estate planning such as wills, trusts, annuities, life insurance and various types of property.

To identify opportunities for members and friends to make provisions for gifts to MUMC and other UM ministries.

To honor those who helped build the church and to help reduce the need to incur costly debt in future buildings.

To receive, administer and invest all gifts and bequests made to MUMC through the Endowment Fund.

Questions? We can help you! Contact us at 904-268-5549, or if you prefer