Father’s Day (June 16) Mission Support

On Father’s Day, we are collecting new (in the package) underwear and socks for persons who are homeless in Jacksonville, in partnership with the Downtown Ecumenical Service Council (DESC).

You may bring money in an envelope marked “underwear” or you may purchase items needed.  Most needed are:
  • white men’s socks
  • men’s underwear, sizes 34-38
  • women’s briefs, sizes 8 and larger
  • any size socks and underwear for children

If you prefer to make a monetary donation, DESC can purchase socks and undies in bulk. Make your check payable to “MUMC” and write “underwear” in the memo, or put cash in an envelope, drop it in the offering plate and write “underwear” on the envelope.

  • $25.00 will buy 4 dozen pairs of children’s socks
  • $6.90 will buy one dozen pairs of men’s socks
  • $14.00 will buy one dozen men’s briefs
  • $14.00 will buy one dozen women’s briefs
  • $24.00 will buy 2 dozen children’s briefs
(These are ordered bulk by DESC from a wholesaler in Tennessee, durable, made in USA) To read more about the ministry of DESC read here https://descjax.org/


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