Craft Fair Volunteers Needed

The Mandarin United Methodist Women seek volunteers for our 30th Annual Craft Festival on Saturday, October 5th.

Please consider helping – this is one of our community’s most beloved events!

There are opportunities for women, men and older youth to serve. Volunteers are needed for the laying and removal of carpet squares in the gym, parking, Children’s Shop, Country Store,  Bake Shop, and Red Apron Ladies. Proceeds are donated to missions supported by the Mandarin United Methodist Women.

Sign up is by category and day. If you can sign up for a few times – fantastic!

Gym Carpet Squares: Men, women and older youth are needed to put down and/or remove carpet squares on the gym floor to protect it. Youth can earn service hours.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 2nd 4pm to 6pm:  Put down carpet squares – Please sign up to put down the carpet squares HERE.
  • Sunday, Oct. 6th 2pm to 6pm:  Remove carpet squares – Please sign up to remove the carpet squares HERE.

Wesley Hall: Help with cooking, cleaning and set-up/tear down. This is for men and women.

  • Saturday, October 5th from 9am-4pm in two hour shifts. Please specify the times you are available. Click HERE to register.

Children’s Shop: Children ages 3 to 12 shop for gifts for their family. The crafters have donated handcrafted items for the shop.

  • Friday, Oct 4th at 10am:  Set up – Please sign up HERE to help with set up of the Children’s Shop.
  • Saturday, Oct 5th:  Volunteers help the children shop, wrap gifts using gift bags, or serve as a cashier. The shifts are two hours each, beginning at 8:30 am, ending at 4:30 pm. Older youth can earn service hours. Please sign up HERE to work in the Children’s Shop.

Country Store: The store offers a wide variety of handmade items created by our congregation.

  • Friday, Oct 4th at 9:00 am: Set up – Please click HERE to help with Country Store set up.
  • Saturday, Oct 5th: 2 hour shifts beginning at 8:30 am, ending at 4:30 pm. Please click HERE to help in the Country Store.

Bake Shop:  A wide variety of baked goods made by our congregation are sold. No sign up is needed to donate baked goods. Please sign up to price or sell.

  • Friday, Oct 4th: 9am to 3pm.  Drop off baked items in Kasey Mogle Friendship Hall kitchen.  Pre-packaging is appreciated.
  • Friday, Oct 4th:  Pricing and Packaging.  2 hour shifts beginning at 9:00 am, ending at 4:00 pm. Please click HERE to sign up to help with pricing and packaging.
  • Saturday, Oct 5th:  Selling.  2 hour shifts beginning at 8:30 am until sold out. Please click HERE to work in the Bake Shop.

Red Aprons:  Wearing a red apron, volunteers walk around the festival to support the crafters by making change for large bills, offering a drink, or watching a booth for a few minutes.  Volunteers also are welcoming to our guests by answering questions about and giving directions to craft areas, our specialty shops, Pumpkin Patch, concessions, lunch, bathrooms, etc..

  • Saturday, Oct. 5th:  2 hour shifts starting hourly, beginning at 8:30 am, ending at 4:30 pm. Please click HERE to be a Red Apron volunteer.

Parking:  Men and women are needed to direct shoppers to available parking on campus.

  • Saturday, Oct. 5th:  Shifts beginning at 8:30 am, ending at 2:30 pm.  Parking is very busy in the morning, so ideally volunteers in the first shift will work from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please click HERE to sign up to help with parking.




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