Partnership with Fine Arts Conservatory

We are proud to announce a new wonderful partnership with the Fine Arts Conservatory.

The Fine Arts Conservatory is:

  • a showcase of the arts through private instruction and theatre performances
  • education in the areas of music, dance, theatre, sculpture, art, and literature.

The Fine Arts Conservatory is continuing the tradition of quality theater in Mandarin with the Act II Players troupe and look forward to bringing first-rate plays and musicals.

They will bring performances, including plays and musicals to our campus, which will be held in our church’s auditorium in the Family Life Center.

There will be 3 theatre shows this year.

We will be receiving a percentage of the proceeds for using our venue. They will also market our special events such as the Christmas concert, Christmas Eve and Easter Services on their website and in their program booklet

The first performance is Miracle on 34th Street directed by Patty Everett

There will be four performances Friday, November 22 – Sunday, November 24. Stay tuned for how you can purchase tickets.

Click on this link if you are interested in auditioning or volunteering with the Fine Arts Conservatory.

Future partnerships with The Fine Arts Conservatory here at Mandarin UMC may include:

  • Music, dance, sculpture, art, and literature
  • A summer youth music camp
  • Use at no cost of a new 600 seat Jacksonville Ballet venue in downtown Jacksonville

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