COVID-19 Updates


The relaunch team meets regularly to adjust campus scheduling based on best practices in keeping participants safe and the current demographics of COVID cases in Clay, Duval, and St. Johns counties. Please continue reading to see our updated approved campus activities, our policy for both COVID positives and exposure, and our procedures of moving among phases. These policies are followed by both the Mandarin and Longleaf campuses. Please feel free to reach out to our relaunch team for any additional information.   


Approved campus activities as of March 29th, 2021 


Worship services, practices, and preparations related to worship. 

Adult, youth, and children’s ministries 

Committee meetings 

Stephen Ministers 


Upward basketball practices and games 



Guidelines for Indoor spaces 

6’ distance must be maintained at all times by all people who do not live together. 

Masks required at all times unless temporary removal is required for a specifically approved activity. 

Temperatures must be taken before entering the room. 

Please keep a record of all in attendance for contact tracing. 

Food and drinks may not be consumed indoors at any time. 

Large meeting areas may be used twice in a day with 4 hours between groups. Smaller rooms may only be used for one activity per day. 



All groups welcome to meet in outdoor areas. 

Guidelines for outdoor spaces 

6’ distance must be maintained at all times by all people who do not live together. 


Masks may be removed when seated but are required at all other times this includes when groups are in motion and unable to space out. 


Please keep a record of all in attendance for contact tracing 


Food and drinks allowed if prepackaged or served by individuals observing proper safety procedures. 6’ distance must be maintained while eating. 


If an area will be used more than once in a day, any touchpoints must be disinfected. 


Procedures for COVID exposure 

These are the procedures for Staff, Lay Leaders, and Program Volunteers & Participants to follow in the event of direct exposure to someone who is COVID positive and includes the necessary steps to follow should you receive a positive COVID test.  

Contact tracing will be important at this step. Please make sure that you have current program rosters as we will need to let members know of this exposure. This will allow accurate communication to take place in a timely manner. 


Positive COVID test 

In the event you have tested positive for COVID, the quarantine period is 14 days. The following conditions will need to be met before returning to the property: 

At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared AND 

At least 24 hours without a temperature over 100.4 without fever-reducing medication AND 

Other symptoms of COVID are improving (loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks after recovery) 

If you experience no symptoms, you may return after 14 days. 

Contact the church to let us know who you were in close contact with and what areas you used while on the property. 


COVID exposure 

In the event you are made aware of a direct COVID exposure: 

You should quarantine if you have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID. Close contact is if you were within 6 feet of the person for a total of 15 minutes or more, or if you were in direct physical contact with the person.  

Quarantine lasts for 10 days. A negative test is not required to return. 


Procedures for Moving Among Phases 

The Relaunch Team reassess the effectiveness of our current plan every two weeks. Moving forward among phases should be done gradually so that we have time to accurately assess the impact of any changes made. When moving backward phases is necessary, we may be required to act more quickly if the current conditions are actively putting people at risk. 

Both campuses are required to follow mandates from The Federal Government, The State of Florida, our surrounding counties, and The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. Additionally, Longleaf Church is required to follow all policies and guidelines of The St. Johns County School District and the administration of Freedom Crossing Academy.  We will also take recommendations from each of these entities into consideration when evaluating the circumstances in our area. Our approach will be guided mostly by recommendations from the Florida Conference of The UMC and the actions of local schools as well as considering the approach of other United Methodist churches of a similar size in our district. 

We will monitor current COVID-19 data on a weekly basis. While it may not be practical to tie phase changes to a single metric, a substantial and sustained rise in any metric over a two-week period should warrant consideration for tightening safety measures. A sustained lowering of all metrics for a four-week period is recommended before we consider moving to a phase with riskier activities.  

Any indication of unsafe conditions on both campuses will influence our decision-making process. This includes active cases reported on a particular campus and a notable rise in cases peripheral to people who are frequently on campus. 

If more than one lockdown and cleaning is required in an area within a two-week period on the Mandarin campus, the area will be shut down for two weeks for assessment. If two areas experience this type of lockdown within a two-week period, (4 total lockdowns in two areas) all Mandarin campus activities must revert to a previous phase until the Relaunch Team has determined that our current plan is providing a suitably safe environment for the existing conditions.  

Longleaf Church will continue to address risk assessments in partnership with The St. Johns County School District as it meets at Freedom Crossing Academy.  Once these assessments are determined, Longleaf will then decide any phase adjustments needed based on that information. Further steps will include sharing the assessments and any phase implementations with the Relaunch team for further review. 

When evaluating why an activity may have been unsafe, we consider 5 CDC indicators for transmission of COVID-19: 

              • Consistent and correct use of masks 
              • Social distancing to the largest extent possible 
              • Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette 
              • Cleaning and disinfection 
              • Contact tracing in collaboration with the local health department.