Denomination: United Methodist (Mandarin UMC in Jacksonville)

Church Size: Over 1,000 weekly at all services

Job Type: Part-Time, 15 hours per week, $20.00 per hour

Job Description: Connection is the contemporary worship service at Mandarin United Methodist Church. The Connection Music Leader works in conjunction with the Associate Pastor of Connection to guide the congregation in participating in the worship experience at Connection.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Direct the worship team, including leading the group through all songs during worship service, conducting rehearsals, and coordinating musicians, A/V, and singers for each week. Recruit and train new musicians and singers into the worship team as needed.
  • Select songs for Sunday morning contemporary/modern worship service, coordinating with the pastor the theme of worship that week.
  • Equip the worship team to lead the congregation verbally (including greetings, prayers, transitions, and singing) for the purpose of increasing the participation of the congregation.
  • Prepare sheet music in advance of rehearsals, keeping music organized, continually seeking out new songs for the service utilizing Planning Center Online.
  • Arrange for a qualified alternative leader when away

Preferred Qualifications and Skills:

Experience in leading a congregation in contemporary/modern worship. The Connection Music Leader must have competence as a vocalist and instrumentalist. He/she must be familiar with contemporary/modern worship music and creative elements. This position also requires skills at music direction, leading people and building teams.

Mandarin UMC Staff Requirements:

  • Satisfactory pre-employment background screening is a mandatory condition of MUMC employment.
  • Agreement to terms specified in the MUMC Personnel Manual and Child Youth Protection Policy (CYPP).
  • Familiar with MUMC Facility Policy (posted at guidelines for use of campus facilities.
  • Familiar with the current MUMC Strategic Plan.
  • Hourly employee must complete time sheet with approval from supervisor.
  • CPR / Deffibulator / First Aid certification is highly recommended (periodic training is offered).

Mandarin UMC Personal Qualities:

  • Demonstrate a desire to share / grow in knowledge, commitment and profession of the Christian faith.
  • Dedicated work ethic – can identify / prioritize / perform tasks efficiently and with minimal supervision.
  • Dependable organization and time management skills with the ability to meet deadlines as expected.
  • Excellent written / verbal communication skills (including proficiency with use of Mac/PC/web applications)
  • Ability to work in a courteous, cooperative, patient and helpful manner with co-workers and others.
  • Ability to manage conflict resolution with honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • Ability to accept flexible work assignments outside the primary scope of your responsibility.
  • Ability to recruit, motivate and supervise volunteers as necessary to supplement MUMC activities.
  • Commitment to maintain confidentiality with respect to the business of the church.
  • Demonstrated lifestyle that does not undermine your effectiveness as an employee.

Please send cover letter and resume to Pastor Will Wold at

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