Journey Through Bethlehem

December 9 | 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

On December 9 from 4:00- 6:30 PM – We invite you to walk through a village and enjoy hands-on activities while you see, hear and smell what it could have been like so long ago, on the way to the stable.  


Step into Bethlehem as it was during the time of Jesus! Immerse yourself in the Nativity story with our outdoor walk-through event, filled with captivating reenactments, hands-on activities, and the spirit of the Christmas season.
👉 Meet Shepherds, Angels, Wise Men, and more! Listen to their stories and experience the magic of the first Christmas.
👉 Explore Bethlehem’s Crafts and Trades! Experience the hustle of an average day in Bethlehem – with craftsmen doing things like woodworking and pottery, just like the artisans of that time.
👉 Listen to Christmas Carols! Listen to some of our choirs and bands sing some of our favorite Christmas classics.
👉 Interact with Live Animals! Experience the wonder of animals that may have been part of that sacred journey.
👉Refreshments and Fellowship Awaits! Savor treats and connect with fellow travelers on this special journey.
Invite friends, family, and neighbors for an engaging adventure into the heart of Christmas! 🌟🎄✨