Delta Summer Camp

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey at Mandarin UMC Summer Camp

This summer the campers will be astronauts preparing for an exciting mission, “Mission: Delta 12 2”. The kids will learn and be equipped to be in this world, but not of it. Training, preparing to launch, testing and the take-off of this mission will be based on “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2


Upon registering you will be asked to create a Brightwheel account. That is how you will register your child and we will use that app for all correspondence, billing, etc.


We are running a special! From now until April 30, camp is 25% off for your first child!


*This link is to register for week 2-7*


The camp is open to Kindergarten to 6th graders*. Campers will participate in grade level activities. 7th to 9th graders* are eligible to participate in our SALT program. SALT (Students Acquiring Leadership Training) students receive volunteers’ hours and are supervised. They will help in many areas of the camp. Must complete SALT application to be accepted. Limited spots available.

  • Kindergarten to 6th graders* – $210/week plus one-time $75 registration fee
  • 7th graders to 9th graders* – $75/week, no registration fee

*current grade for 23-24 school yr.


We understand that life happens and schedules change. To ensure the best quality program, we begin hiring staff and preparing activities in January.

To ensure programming can continue at the highest quality our cancellation policy is as follows:

The registration fee is non-refundable. The weekly cancellation of your camp enrollment must be notified through bright wheel or by email sent to 21 days prior to the Monday of the week you are attending.  Upon completion of this requirement, by the week of the camp cancellation date, the camper will receive a 50% refund. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated, by camp administration, on a case-by-case basis.

Last Day to Cancel for Summer Camp 2024:

Week 1: June 3 – 7                                  April 29
Week 2: June 10 – 14                              May 6
Week 3: June 17 – 21                              May 13
Week 4: June 20 – 28                              May 21
Week 5: July 2 – 5                                    May 27
Week 6: July 8 – 12                                  June 3
Week 7: July 17 – 21                                June 10



Our 7 weeks of summer camp are: 

  • June 3 – 7 – Week 1 (VBS in morning / Delta Summer Camp, Basketball Camp, or Arts, Crafts & Fun Camp in afternoon)  
  • June 10 – 14 – Week 2  
  • June 17 – 21 – Week 3  
  • June 24 – 28 – Week 4  
  • July 1 – 3 – Week 5 (short week due to holiday)
  • July 8 – 12 – Week 6  
  • July 15 – 19 – Week 7 (Music Camp will be one option for limited number of students rising 2nd-6th grade) Performance Friday night 19th. 


Hours of camp are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with early drop off and late pick up available.

  • Early drop off 7:30 – 8:45 AM – $30/week
  • Late pick up 5:00 – 6:00 PM – $20/week

Camp Offers


Through creative teaching and use of age-appropriate materials, the campers will learn of God’s love and how to apply the Word of God to their lives. They’ll discover how nothing can shake us when we are in God’s fortress. This station will be instructor led.


Children will have the chance to express themselves through the creation of songs, skits, dance, and other creative activities. Children will participate in weekly contests with their groups and compete against other groups as they develop team names, posters, and skits to show their team spirit and the love they have for God and each other. This station will be instructor led.

Arts & Crafts

Your child will explore a creative side with weekly projects and activities. They will participate in indoor and outdoor crafts and enjoy being artistic. This station will be instructor led.

Outdoor / Gym Games (ODG)

The children will be led in a variety of exciting games in the open, fresh outdoors. Children will be able to play exciting team games that will promote group unity as well as skills in relating to others. This station will be instructor led.

Game Room

Foosball, pool, table tennis, board games, Legos, and video games of all sorts are available to the campers during Game Room time.  We will provide options for self-contained art or play. All games are rated “E” on our Switch, Play Stations 3&4, and X-Box 360s. Video games will have time limits.

Peace Room

The children will have time for quiet games and activities each day. Activities include Legos, grade Level worksheets to refresh skills during the summer, reading and quiet play.

Character Counts

Children will focus on building & practicing skills of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship through developing skits, campus posters, daily discussions, and games. This station will be instructor led.

Additional Activities

Morning Wake Up

Campers will gather in the worship center every morning for a time of welcome, silly songs, skits, praise and worship through dance, drama, song, and the Bible.

Praise Time Live

Campers will get to sing, stomp, clap, dance, praise, sign, and let loose in this activity where they express themselves and learn the Word of God through various forms of Christian music.

Thursday Rallies

We will have assemblies with activities and skits to celebrate the themes and skills learned throughout the summer. Children will share artwork, songs, skits and team posters.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to grow spiritually, make new friends, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Registration begins here on March 1st or contact us at

Let’s make this summer extraordinary together

Summer Camp Student Volunteers (SALT) Program

(Student Acquiring Leadership Training)

Basic Information

We are taking a limited number of current (23-24) 7th – 9th grade students to help serve at Summer Camp. Please understand, previous attendance in our programs doesn’t guarantee a position in our SALT program.

  • Current (23-24) 7th – 9th grade students require adult supervision. We have hired summer camp workers that will be working with us to help provide a safe learning environment for the SALT students along with the campers.
  • Our goal is for SALT members to earn volunteer hours while learning about work ethics, responsibilities and being a part of a team.


There is a fee to being in SALT of $75.00 per week (includes camp shirts, daily lunches, snacks, and other associated costs). The SALT participant will receive volunteer hours for their weeks participating. They must request their hours prior to the end of summer.


Camp runs from 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM each day but we ask our SALT to be there from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM daily. Each participant will receive lunch and a break during this shift.

Please note that positions are limited, and SALT members will be partially selected based on their availability (we are asking for at least 4 of the 7 weeks

Role Specifics

The role of a SALT volunteer is to assist crew leader, station leaders and administration with miscellaneous duties including but not limited to:

  • Assist with groups of campers with crafts, games and other activities.
  • Extra set of eyes, ears and hands for leaders and admin staff.
  • Assist with lunch time and snack time serving and cleaning.
  • Miscellaneous runner duties within the camp.


  • SALT are expected to show a positive attitude towards the camp, the campers, the staff and Mandarin/Longleaf Church.
  • SALT are held to the same rules and regulations as campers; since S.A.L.T are role models to younger campers anyone showing a lack of maturity, cooperation or positive attitude.
  • This is NOT a position of independent authority
In the event expectations are not met:

SALT are role models to younger campers. Anyone showing a lack of maturity, cooperation or positive attitude will have the following warnings.

  • Warning #1 – Verbal warning/discussion
  • Warning #2 – Sit down written warning/discussion that includes parent/guardian.
  • Warning #3 – Will no longer qualify for SALT, will continue current week and only work with paid staff remaining portion of week and will not be allowed following weeks.
  • Should a SALT member be removed from the program; a partial refund will be returned for the remaining weeks.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones are not allowed during the day.

    • Each SALT member will check in their cell phones upon arrival at camp.
    • Each member will be given time at lunch and afternoon break to check messages/emails.
    • In case of emergency parents will have contact numbers to call and SALT members will be given a chance to return those messages.

Application Process

Those interested in being part of SALT are to complete application and submit application with letter of recommendation to MUMC Church Office Attn: Summer Camp or email both to .

  • Applicants can begin applying on March 15th and will be contacted by April 15th to set up an interview process.
  • All SALT members will need to participate in the interview process.
  • We will notify you by Friday, May 1st with acceptance to the SALT program.
    • After notice of acceptance, registration forms and payment must be made within 2 weeks of the acceptance, or the position will be filled by another applicant.
  • Those who are not accepted this year will be notified as well.
  • SALT candidates & parents/guardians will be required to attend an Informational meeting prior to staff training.

SALT Volunteers will attend summer camp orientation and staff training dates.

We're Hiring!

10th to 12th graders* (16- to 17-year-old) can apply to part time paid positions as Crew Leaders. Ages 18-years and older can apply for both part-time and full-time positions as Crew and Station Leaders. Application process for part time and full-time paid workers will begin March 15.

*current grade for 23-24 school yr.

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